FTI Testimonials

“I wanted to thank FTI for an outstanding class! Dave is professional and personable. I cannot express enough the value of all the demonstrations and hands on situational procedures practice. I will definitely be back for additional classes and I have already recommended FTI to friends.”

– Vince Schwartz



“Dave: My son and I appreciated your Hunter Safety course very much. We ended up informed about the rules and ethics of hunting as well as technical information about ammo and weapon. Your personal experience was interesting and beneficial as well. I will be pleased to recommend your course to anyone.”

– Mike Hamilton



“Through FTI’s instruction, I’ve trained for Firearm Safety and Hunter Safety Education. Additionally I’ve trained as a Range Safety Officer and on Defensive Tactical Maneuvers. Soon I look forward to qualifying for my CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Certification! This is much more than a trip to the firing range! Regardless of your current skill level, FTI will train you how to proficiently use a firearm, to protect yourself in a defensive, as well as, tactical situation. I’m gaining the skills needed to become confident and know how to handle my firearm. These things you can’t learn on a firing range alone. FTI’s instructors are proficient, knowledgeable and well disciplined. They are experts at what they do, and their personal attention for safety is apparent. Additionally, FTI allows you to progress at your own comfort level. I was very impressed with the emphasis placed on safety throughout my training. FTI’s founder David Matthews and his team of instructors are incredible people who have very solid values and truly believe in preserving our freedoms. FTI is committed to protecting the Second Amendment, as well as educating the public on its importance. I was impressed with the professionalism of FTI’s instructors, the one-on-one personal time they give you, and the sense of camaraderie created by their instruction. I have been so impressed with the training that I’m gifting my family with classes to FTI. I cannot think of a more valuable gift to share with family and friends. The skills they’ll attain, along with peace of mind are invaluable. Last but definitely not least, it’s so much FUN!”

– Cindy Hursh



“Thanks, Dave! I really had a good time and appreciate all your advice. I look forward to learning more. I really enjoyed what I learned and must say it was pretty sobering to think the potential dangers of purse carry. Something I am going to have to practice more! My coworker has been giving me shit about my qualification target…. Apparently he thinks he could do better. Only makes me want to practice more and show him! I like the idea of the tactical training and personal protection. You have not seen the last of me.”

– Marcie Morrow



“The class was fun and informative, learned some very important aspects of concealed carrying regarding the legal and personal impacts that can occur. All in all, had a great time and I’m a lot more knowledgeable about gun/concealed carry laws and practices.”

– Jonathan O’Connor



“Overall , Dave, I think it was an excellent class. A lot of good information. I will get back to you on possibly having some employees taking the class.”

– Michael O’Connor



“I wanted to thank you for the great class! I have taken three different training classes and this was by far the best. I like the way that you are able to build a sense of camaraderie among the class members. Having been a former instructor as well one of the most difficult classes you can teach is one in which the students have mixed levels of experience. I thought you did a great job in spending time and training with the inexperienced shooters as well as spending time with experienced shooters.”

– Phil Taluban



“Dave, What can I say that I haven’t already? 🙂 You’re an excellent instructor and I always come away with a LOT more knowledge and skill than I started with.”

– Kris Salas