NRA Defensive Pistol Course

concealed_handgunThis class is for those that already have completed some type of basic firearms safety or gun handling training like the NRA Basic Pistol Course. Since the course of fire is at a more advanced level, inexperienced shooters may place others participating, at risk. If you have or intend to get a concealed weapon permit, you have a moral responsibility to know what to do with it, especially if your family and loved ones look to you to protect them and keep them safe. This course is applicable to the self-defense oriented individual and is the next step after the NRA Basic Pistol Class or CCW Class.

This class covers holster draw, multiple target acquisition, barricades from strong and support sides, strong hand only shooting and support hand only shooting, emergency reloading, tactical reloading, and administrative reloading, movement while shooting and multiple tactical situations.

This class has very specific equipment requirements. If interested, please contact me through this website.

Cost: $150 each