NRA Instructor Basics of Pistol Shooting

nra_basic_pistolThis course is designed to develop Instructors that will teach the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course -Phase 2.

This course is now completed in several steps:

Step 1 – Sign up for the Instructor Course on the FTI website, and then complete Basics of Pistol Shooting – Phase 1, online at 

Step 2 – Upon completion of Phase 1, with a passing score of 90% or better, the instructor candidate will then need to attend Basic Instructor Training (BIT) and the remainder of the instructor training, unless you have proof of completion of BIT within the past two years. Basic Instructor Training (BIT) is a 6 hour course, provided free to all Instructor Candidates who have signed up for an Instructor class with FTI.

Step 3 – Each instructor candidate must complete the pre course questionnaire provided at the time of your Instructor class.

Step 4 – Attend and complete the Pistol Instructor course (hands on, presentations, etc).

All candidates must pass the exams and practical sections successfully in order to pass the course and obtain the certification.

Cost: $325 each