About Firearm Training Institute

Founded by David Matthews

At Firearm Training Institute (FTI), our team strives to provide the highest level of cutting edge instruction in the most up to date and progressive firearms skills and tactics. The FTI instructor cadre is composed of a small team of NRA Instructors and NRA Training Counselors who all possess extensive backgrounds in civilian and military operations.

FTI is an industry leader in cutting edge and realistic training. All programs come under the direct supervision of the Director and NRA Training Instructor, David G. Matthews. He proudly oversees a highly skilled cadre of world-class instructors who are committed to developing the best and brightest possible instructors and students!

We guarantee that you will encounter the highest level of professionalism in all of our courses and that the skills you learn will greatly enhance your operational effectiveness and weapons handling techniques.

If you are interested in becoming a NRA Instructor, we offer all of the NRA Instructor Level Courses to students who possess and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude. Please contact us for more information.


Meet Our Instructors


david_matthewsDAVID MATTHEWS
DIRECTOR / NRA Training Counselor

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Firearm Training Institute (FTI) is owned and operated by David Matthews, a veteran of the U.S Army, Law Enforcement, and a lifelong hunter, fisherman, and firearms handling and training expert.

Mr. Matthews has over 50 years experience in the field of firearms handling, tactics and law enforcement for and in the State of California. During his diverse career, he has studied with the industry’s foremost and well respected instructors and tacticians.

David is one of California’s top master firearms and tactics instructors and holds certifications from a wide variety of agencies and schools that are highly recognized throughout the United States. These Instructor Development Schools include FBI, CA Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, ASP, NRA, and Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification just to name a few.

David’s years of experience and methods of teaching cutting edge tactics takes his courses to a level rarely seen.

David is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional training available whether for law enforcement agencies or private citizens, large seminars or private lessons, basic or advanced, with an emphasis on friendly hands-on instruction that is simple, effective, affordable, reality-based, motivating, empowering, and most importantly, FUN!



vince_schwartzVINCE SCHWARTZ

Vince Schwartz joined Firearm Training Institute in 2013 as a Range Safety Officer. Since that time Vince has expanded his role with us.

His introduction to shooting was in the deserts of California and Nevada as a kid with his parents and now he shares his enjoyment and passion for shooting sports with his family.

Vince began to take instructor level courses in order to share that passion for shooting and shooting safety.



Education, Training and Certifications:

· NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
· NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor
· NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
· NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
· NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
· CA DOJ Certified Instructor
· First Aid Instructor, BLS & ACLS Instructor