Traveling With Your Gun Legally

Traveling with your gun legally Whether for fun or business, traveling presents many challenges if you’re transporting or carrying one or more firearms. The last thing you want is to have your trip interrupted by an unexpected detour to a local jail. This is a quick guide with 5 simple tips and some reference material to help make your trip go smoothly. Remember, laws change regularly and while it doesn’t…Keep Reading

It’s Better to Have A Gun and Not Need it, Than to Need it and Not Have It……

During my last visit to New York City, I stumbled into an unexpected discussion about its restrictive gun polices. The discussion occurred after I ducked into a coffee shop. The place was empty except for three transit employees. “I don’t know why the kid shot me,” said one of the men. “But I got myself some protection now.” Curious, I introduced myself and asked the fellow about his story. “One…Keep Reading