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            Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, Firearm Training Institute can provide you with the most comprehensive, up to date, and experienced training.


           We offer courses for students of all skill levels and backgrounds, including courses taught by and designed for women only.

Our courses include training and certification for the following:


-       All NRA Courses at Student and Instructor Levels

-       Concealed Weapons Permits (CCW)

-       Law Enforcement Firearms, Handgun / Shotgun

-       Personal and Executive Protection Services

-       California Hunter Safety Education Classes

-       DOJ Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) Instructor

-       CA BSIS Guard Training (G) and Firearm Exposed Carry (FQ)


           If you want to learn about your first firearm, or you want to become a firearm instructor, or you just want to learn and become more proficient at shooting and self-defense, we can provide top-notch instructors and specialized, personal attention to your needs. 


Our Cadre of experienced instructors is available for one-on-one training or large classes, and in many different locations throughout California.


Please take the time to browse through our courses and contact us if one or more of them interests you.


Click on each course to view its description and register.


* NRA Basic Pistol

* NRA Basic Rifle

* NRA Basic Shotgun

* NRA - NMLRA Muzzleloading Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun

* NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

* NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

* NRA Law Enforcement Handgun

* NRA Law Enforcement Shotgun

* NRA Range Safety Officer & Chief Range Safety Officer

* NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading

* NRA Shotgun Shell Reloading

* NRA Home Firearm Safety

* NRA Defensive Pistol

* California Department of Fish and Wildlife Hunter Safety Course

* California Department of Justice Handgun Safety Certificate / Instructor

* Refuse To Be A Victim

* California Concealed Handgun License (CCW)

* Out of State Concealed Handgun License (CCW)

* Emergency First Response / CPR / First Aid




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